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How to click the best selfie? (see pics)

IANS 17 Jun 2014, 18:23:09 IST
London: Selfie trend has taken over social media, and it somehow propels everyone to look photo-ready all of the time.

But a latest research shows that 68 percent of women feel negative about photos of themselves that haven't been enhanced by a photographic filter.

A research conducted by cosmetic giant Olay says that a majority of women confess to feeling exposed, under-confident and unattractive before a filter is applied, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Women say that the most important change a filter makes to a selfie is to hide flaws and wrinkles or that it helps achieve a better skin tone. So nearly half the female population now uses filters on their ”Selfies” and this rises sharply to 67 percent among the the girls aged under 25 years.