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10 tips essential for modular kitchen maintenance

India TV News Desk 03 Jun 2015, 13:01:53 IST
India TV News Desk

Nowadays, as the cities are on the way to become the smart cities, the living standards are also improving.

Now, people want their houses to be properly designed according to the latest trends. One such trend is that of a modular kitchen.

Kitchen, no doubt, is the heart of the house. If this place is not well maintained, this can be harmful to the entire family as a dirty kitchen can be a home of many diseases. Moreover, an untidy kitchen doesn't give a good impression as well.

With modular kitchen coming into affect, the maintenance of kitchen is actually an important process.

So here we bring to you some maintenance tips that can make this crucial task quite easy:

1. Make it a point to clean your kitchen regularly. Wipe kitchen surfaces with a disinfectant spray and a clean cloth, scrub floors and keep your appliances clean like microwave ovens, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc. regularly with mineral oil and a wet cloth.

2. In case, you have a steel sink in your modular kitchen, use soft nylon scrubbing pads in order to avoid scratches. Also, avoid using cleaning products chloride as it corrodes steel sinks. You can use vinegar to clean porcelain sinks.

3. In order to maintain the shine of stainless steel kitchen appliances or tiles use baking soda.
4. Wash your dishes once before placing them in the dishwasher.

5. Use cleaning liquids directly on the tough stains on the appliances.
6. Wipe your stoves and burners daily in order to avoid food particles jellifying on your stove.
7. Don't forget to wipe the cabinets in the kitchen everyday.
8. Use a heavy duty vacuum cleaner to clean the chimney twice every year.
9. Do wash the kitchen rugs regularly to avoid breeding of harmful bacteria.
10. Empty your refrigerator and clean it with warm soap water atleast once every week.