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Find out what your iPhone 5 colour says about you!

India TV News Desk 26 Jun 2014, 15:36:03 IST
India TV News Desk
Choosing an iPhne 5 colour says a lot about your personality, so in case you are holding your iPhone right now then read ahead to know more about your hidden personality traits.

Young girls and guys go in for coloured iPhones' while men and women in their late 20's or 30's often take a moment to decide whether to grab a coloured phone or go in for usually classy black or white.

Based on people's choices of variety, iPhone makers have come out with plethora of coloured iPhones suiting their demands.

Check out some cool colours and know what they reveal about your personalities:

Space Grey: People who choose iPhone 5s in space grey colour are more likely to be updated with the brand new technology in available around the world. Be it in video games, big screen TVs, or even state-of-the-art cell phones, they love to own the best and would make sure they never lose out on an upcoming launch.

They are quite intelligent and helpful to people who come up to you with their problems.

Gold: Got yourself that blingy golden thing, then you indeed have some expensive tastes! People who own Golden iPhone colour love to surround themselves with luxuries and all the best things that life has to offer.

You are too proud of your lifestyle and taste that sometimes you get a bit snobby while dealing with people.

Silver: Not the exact copies of people who own Golden iPhone colour but they too enjoy similar tastes. Unlike the latter ones, owners of Silver iPhone 5s do not have it on their face, they are much more sober with flair of upper class lifestyle.

You know how to help and often are availabe to stick by with your friends and enjoy the luxuries of life.