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5 types of lunchboxes you should never carry to office

India TV News Desk 05 Jun 2015, 13:32:14 IST
India TV News Desk

We know how important it is for you to maintain an image, a standard in your office so that people respect you and see you with a difference.

But would you stake it by carrying something that not only spoils your personality but also typecasts you.

Bet, you never knew about it but it's actually true. People classify you with the kind of lunch box you carry to office.  For example, “wo steel ka dabba lane wale uncle”, “wo bada sa tiffin lane wali ladki” etc. etc.

So, check which type of lunch boxes you should never carry to office –

1) 'Steel ka dabba'

We bet you would never wish to get typecasted as somebody of 70's carrying a big, steel, 3or 4 cased tiffin like somebody who carries one to his factory.

You seem to be more sophisticated and at far better position than this one atleast.

2) 'Bachcho ka tiffin'

Okay, we know you are a mother now but that doesn't mean you'll bring the trashed lunch box of your kiddo to office – the one's having Shin-Chan, Ninja Hatori and Doraemon on them. A strict no please!

3) Big, cased, cloth lunch box (Also known as thermal boxes)

Yet another one which people think is a commoner these days. But ideally, it reminds of that Sunil Shetty movie of 70's in which a fatso kid carried only the lunch box to school and forgot the school bag.

You don't seem to be of that type – someone who cares only about lunch. You seem to have work more on your mind! Isn't it?

4) Too many, small, different-coloured containers (in the jute bag)

This one's a mother of all! A commoner with ladies! Different, small ‘dibbies' to carry different things – from ‘chutni' to ‘meetha'.

Please be aware that this is not what you would consider an office stuff!

5) (No words for this one)

This one must be making your colleagues go ROFL! Seriously, is he here for some picnic!