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Restaurant where customers use sign language to place orders (watch video)

India TV News Desk 07 Aug 2014, 12:16:30 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: What if you enter a restaurant and realise you might have to explain what you intend to eat through sign language.

This unique restaurant in Toronto has urged all it's customers to explain their dinning order through sign language instead of regular verbal order.

Owner Anjan Manikumar has hired all deaf and mute individuals as his staff in order to boost their motivation. At Sign customers are warmly welcomed by the staff and soon are presented with food menu that has order displayed out in 'sign language' instead of being written as usual.

Being on of it's kind restaurant in Canada, Sign was started by Anjan Manikumar after an incident that inspired him to boost the motivation of handicap people who face challenges in their day-to-day life.

Anjan Manikumar had this whole concept well planned and hired individuals who were either fluent in 'American Sign Language' or were deaf and mute.

When customers were explained about the intention behind the entire concept they were more than willing to contribute.

Watch video to see how enthusiastic staff of Sign greet and serve their customers...

Video courtesy: The National