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6 vastu tips for keeping bedroom romance alive (view pics)

India TV News Desk 07 Aug 2014, 13:52:51 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: With each year passing it seems difficult for some couples to keep the spark alive in their mundane lives.
Marriage is one of the most important feelings of life and everybody wishes to stay romantic with their partners throughout their lives.
It is often observed that with passing day couple loses interest in each other and emotions like love, care reduces day by day. When it comes to sex, the couples tend to loose all sexual attraction towards each other.
If you too are facing same problem then don't be disheartened. This article is going to help you as we are going to tell you six simple vastu tips to stay romantic forever.

To be romantic with each other place any small heart-shaped object in South-West direction of your bedroom daily.

It can be a simple wooden heart shaped piece of any crystal one.

To enjoy sex life on regular basis, place glass or ceramic bowls in the South-West direction of your bedroom. In the bowl, either put small stones or crystals and place two red colour candles in it.

This will light up the fire of love in your life.

Always keep your bedroom neat and decorated. Pay attention that no item kept on the side table is dusty or kept in an unorganized manner.

For love-filled nights, hang ceramic wind chime in your bedroom and see the change!


Love birds and mandarin ducks are a symbol of love. Keep a pair of either of these in your bedroom to keep your romance heating up.

If both of you never feel like having sex, avoid using paintings which have water on it.     

To enjoy a great sex life, keep two flower vases in your bedroom. Keeping flower vases in the bedroom also improves financial condition of a family.

 To maintain interest in each other, you can also keep a beautiful bowl with a pure crystal with some raw rice in it. By doing this, you are bound to make love very soon.

One most important tip with immediate effects is to use crystal lamps with red light bulbs in the South-West direction of your bedroom.

 It is advisable to use red-coloured curtains, cushions and windows to stay romantic. If red colour is getting too bright, you can also go for pink.