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5 biggest 'Vodka' myths busted! (see pics)

IANS 09 Jun 2014, 10:56:32 AM IST
New Delhi: From Hollywood's preferred drink to the toast of a common man - the story of a vodka drinker spreads far and wide but there are many myths attached to it too - from being “made of potato” to considered as “tasteless” drink. It's time to debunk some Vodka myths.

Smirnoff®, one of the largest vodka brand in the world, demystifies five biggest myths which have surrounded this beloved drink, said a statement.

* Myth 1: It doesn't matter which vodka you use in your cocktail.

Vodka is a rectified spirit with simple soft taste. Vodka, which contains higher proof of alcohol, will bring out a different taste as compared to vodka with lower proof. Little known fact is that most taste and smell neutral vodkas make the best cocktails.

* Myth 2: All Vodkas are not the same.

Vodka by definition is a neutral spirit without any distinct character. Not quite true! The taste greatly varies depending on where they are distilled. The difference in taste of vodka also results from the quality and type of the raw material used, the distillation technique and the quality of the bottling. For instance, traditional vodka from Eastern Europe is assertive and robust and infused with a great flavor as opposed to vodka produced in America where it has a neutral taste.