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Craziest ice cream flavours you never knew! (view pics)

IANS 02 Jul 2014, 7:38:26 IST
New York:  The summer weather is here, and if you've been out in the sun, you're probably craving some ice cream to cool off. 

Sundaes, splits and ice cream sandwiches, could there be a sweeter excuse for a summer party?

There is something irresistible about ice cream socials and we are not just talking about frozen scoops, fruity syrups and violently pink cherries. They're a throwback to a simpler time, when towns were small, striped bunting adorned everyone's front porch. Here we have a interesting twist in your ice cream tale.

If you want to cool down this summer with ice cream, chuck the usual and try strange varieties like jellyfish, avocado and mamushi snake.


* Raw horse flesh ice cream: You can try a scoop of raw horse flesh at Ice Cream City inside Namja Town, an indoor amusement park in Tokyo.

* Gin ice cream: At Murphy's in Ireland, you can get your kids hooked on the taste of gin early by treating them to ice cream flavoured with the hard stuff.

* Mushy peas and fish ice cream: Teare Woods Luxury Ice Cream Parlour in England is where you can indulge in scoops of minty mushy peas and fish flavours, topped with bits of battered cod and served with a french fry.

* Jellyfish ice cream: Charlie Francis, founder of British ice cream company Lick Me I'm Delicious, created ice cream that uses jellyfish protein as the main ingredient. When you lick it, the ice cream glows.