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11 reasons why 'winter' stands out amongst all seasons!

India TV News Desk 24 Nov 2014, 16:51:11 PM IST
India TV News Desk

The moment someone mentions winter; an ethereal image of snow laden mountains festooned with beautiful pine trees pops up in our mind, or for straight thinking man its Kate Upton's chilling photo shoot in Antarctica.
If given an option most people would prefer winter over summers! We never get enough of the soothing warmth of sunlight and getting off the bed becomes the toughest job in the world esp. in mornings; our relationship with water hits an all time low as we rarely touch it.
No doubt, winter at its peak is no less menacing than summer. The unending chill seems like splinters piercing our body, skin dryness, chapped lips and cracked heels bother us every second day.
We have compiled a list of tidbits we often come across and the changes we observe ensuing this season.
1. Blanket becomes the very part of your body, removing the blanket off your body is like peeling off your skin. The person who removes the blanket becomes the most hated person for the rest of the season.


2. Water becomes the most sacred thing in the world; we try our best to maintain safe distance from it. Even imagining yourself in shower makes you tremble.




3. For people working in night shifts, it's an unending affair. You will picture yourself hanging off the needle of the clock to drag it down but to no avail.



4. Bikes and cars also develop cold feet, starting them and driving them through that chilly breeze esp. during early mornings becomes difficult.


5. Your fingers become numb thus making it difficult to write.


6. We often see a pal coming from outside with colder hands and scare you with touching your cheek just to show you, how cold it is in the open.


7. A new entrant in the blanket touches your feet and you automatically give that look!


8. Putting bums on the warmest seat gives you immense satisfaction.


9. Even a light bump in any part of the body would make you scream!!!


10. Winter is foodie's season as they can cram as much as possible without bothering about tomorrow.

11. It's a gala time for alcoholics, as they drink to the brink!