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Winters, best time to shape your body! (view pics)

India TV News Desk 01 Dec 2014, 15:34:31 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Winters are on and the lazy side of your must be pushing you back from performing any physical task. Well if you are a gym freak or want to be, winters are the best time to get you in a shape, which you would be craving for. But first of all you need to fight your inner demons of laziness, which would stop you from leaving your bed particularly in the morning hours.

Don't live in a myth that it's the rest time during winters where just feeding yourself with enough food will do. Sahil Bhalla, an elite trainer from ISSA (International Sports and Science Association) says “You need to motivate yourself and then dedicate yourself to exercises, it doesn't matter even for just 30 minutes a day.”

So, now when you have made up your mind to beat the laziness and step into the shoes of workout here are few advises and some good news for you. More workout in winters is beneficial compared to summers.

While in summers more gym goers rely upon cold shakes and drinks consumption among other eatable items, winters allow you to take more of hot and heavy products, which are rich in protein.

It is needless to mention that protein is the essential nutrient for gym goers and most of them refrain from having protein rich items in summers due to scorching heat, which could affect their body. But the situation is averse in winter season.

Sahil Bhalla, says “During winters there should be more in take of protein rich items such as dry fruits, eggs and chicken. The reason being the body during cold season can sustain protein without any side effect and that too for long.”

Mostly it's also seen that most gym goers rely on the natural food intake. That is good but it helps only to some extent. What they should do is to divide their diet plan into six times a day, which should have many protien rich foods. But sometime due to busy work schedule it's not possible to maintain that diet.

“In that situation having protein rich supplement can help you in a big way”, adds Bhalla who also suggests that it has to be strictly followed by good workout and proper guidance.

So, pull up you socks and chalk down a workout plan this winter.