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World's most expensive sandwich made, costs 214 Dollars

PTI 17 Jun 2015, 14:45:37 IST

New York:  The world's most expensive sandwich - a cheese toastie dipped in gold and costing a whopping 214 dollars - has been made at a ritzy restaurant in New York.

The gold-plated sarnie is essentially a cheese toastie, but in typical New York style and can be pre-ordered two days in advance.

The Serendipity restaurant in New York City is the proud owner of the new Guinness World Record.

"This is the most expensive sandwich in the world. We came up with the idea to create the world's most expensive sandwich on national sandwich day," chef Joe Calderoni was quoted as saying by Daily Express.

"We came up with grilled cheese because that's the ultimate in comfort food. What better way to celebrate that sandwich than with the quintessential version of that sandwich?" Joe said about his new creation.

The final touches include a tomato and lobster bisque served in a crystal glass and then chef's plate the sandwich in 23 carat gold.

The famous restaurant has been visited by celebrities likes Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce and Jay Z.

"The bread is baked with Dom Perignon champagne, some white truffle oil with the gold. Then our grass-fed butter infused with white truffles. Then we take caciocavallo cheese - it's very rare," Joe said.