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Know about 'Mortao Maotor', world's first selfie queen (see pics)

IANS 23 Aug 2014, 8:07:00 AM IST
Bangkok: Forget Kim Kardashian, and rather meet a mysterious Thai woman who posted over 12,000 selfies on various social media platforms and is touted globally as the world's selfie queen

Mortao Maotor, as she calls herself on the photo-sharing site Instagram, posts over 200 self portraits a week.

According to her profile, she is in her 40s and married to the owner of Room of Art, an antique gallery in Bangkok, Time reported.

She has nearly 20,000 followers.

Not all of her pictures show her face as she also likes to shoot her legs and her iced drinks or meals.

She has fondness for shots taken in apparently the same bathroom mirror time and again.

None of her selfies are pornographic and she only replies to clean remarks.

Some posts suggest she loves dogs and desserts, the report added.