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True Story: This real life ‘Baghban’ couple will rekindle your faith in true love

Doesn’t this story remind us of ‘Baghban’?
Reshu Manglik New Delhi April 23, 2017 16:46 IST
Reshu Manglik

In this hook-up culture, it’s a rare sight to find true love. People are become more and more volataile with each passing day. Sticking to one person for an entire lifetime has now become an old-school thing. 

But not everyone’s same. As exceptions are always there, this old couple reminds us what true love really means. Samsuddin and Rekha’s story contradicts all those who say, ‘Love is not enough’. With just love for each other, they survived the hardest battle of their lives. And let me tell, the battle is still going. But till they have each other by their side, even the sleepless nights and foodless days can’t change them. 

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A renowned photographer GMB Akash posted a picture on his Photography page with their heart-melting tale. 

Let’s hear their story: 

“Last year we fled together. We never thought we could do that. I knew that our children may stop communicating with us. But I and my wife are living forty seven years together. Every day after sunrise she wakes up me first and together we do our prayers. Forty seven years we never had spent a day without each other. We struggled together with our six children. I and my wife starved whole day after feeding our children. She never complained. 

My elder son took me and the youngest daughter took their mother and we did notrealize that they decided to take us separately. Our children earn little and they have their expenses. After all we did for our children, our needs were a burden to them. My son told me that none of them are capable of taking care both of us.

I tried to adjust. But every morning when I wake up I wanted to see her smile. I spent my whole day by waiting for my son’s arrival so I could talk to her with the phone he had. The day when I was able to hear her voice none of us could speak a word. I heard how hard she tried to keep clam her tearful voice and I murmured stupid things.

Every day I felt to run to my daughter’s house which was far away from mine. Then one day by gaining some courage I told her that I wanted to run together. To my surprise, she said yes. I took my walking stick and never looked back. We ran away together empty handed.

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Now I sell children’s toy. I hardly can manage 100 taka every day. Sometimes we feel bad for our children, we miss them. But we know we are running out of time. I am fifteen years older than my wife. Any day I may die in the road while selling children’s toy. So I keep saving some money in a mud bank, I do not want my wife to beg to people to finish my last work. But every day my wife cries a lot during her prayer, whenever I ask her why she is crying so much, she would always say, ‘I want to die with you’.

Doesn’t this story remind us of ‘Baghban’? But there’s one striking difference. In reality, the kids never came back, realising their mistake. If only, life was as ‘idealistic’ as it’s shown to be in cinema.