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Woman writes brutally honest post about depression on Facebook. Read it here

If the person reading this post is suffering from depression, remember that you’re not alone
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi May 11, 2017 18:44 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Depression has been a taboo, not only in our country but in many first world countries as well. People who haven’t been through depression try to give silly advice to the sufferers. They say senseless things like ‘It’s all in your mind’. 

But the one who’s bearing the wrath of depression knows, that it’s not something that’s in their mind. Just like our body fall ill sometimes, our brain is a part of our body as well. It can also fall ill or fail to function properly. But to many, this obvious idea seems to be unpragmatic. 

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According to World Health Organization, 350 million people around the world are suffering from depression. This makes depression the number one disability by a long shot. It’s so common still we choose to remain mum on such a fragile issue. 

A woman named Katelyn Marie Todd has too much and thus, she decides to explain depression in the easiest manner she could. This Facebook post is a must read, who knows that someone you love must be going through it. 

In just a few days, the post went viral on social media. Till now, her brutally honest post about depression has received as many as 208,000 likes and 274, 967 shares. Many people came forward to extend their support to the girl. Some, as usual, chose to trivialise the issue like they’ve been doing it since ages.  

If the person reading this post is suffering from depression, remember that you’re not alone. They’re multitudes out there who’ve been in your shoe at some point of time. If you haven’t dealt with depression, there is gentle request for you. Please don’t throw words like ‘Smile, it will be alright’ or ‘You should try yoga’ to the suffers. Mental health is a real thing, deal with it!