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This Muslim family in Pune has been running a cow shelter for four generations

India TV News Desk New Delhi April 17, 2017 23:39 IST
India TV News Desk

Amid the debate on cow slaughter and even murders in the name of cow protection, Muslims are often demonised as someone who indulge in the illegal slaughter of the bovine. However, there is a family in Pune which is giving a very different message. 

The Khan family in Loni village of Pune has been working for cow protection for four generations. The family not only looks after cows but is also working to enhance the breed. 

Rachna cow shelter was started nearly 40 years ago by Jabbar Khan Pathan and his wife with six cows. The shelter, which has now grown into 376 cows, is managed by Majid Khan who takes in stray cows wandering on roads and feeds them. 

The shelter also has a veterinary hospital to take care of sick cows. 

The shelter is spread across 40 acres. While the 10 acres are used for housing the bovines, 30 acres are used for growing cattle food. 

The cows nearly give 400 litres of milk every day, 200 litres of which is left for calves. 

Speaking on cow slaughter, Majid Khan said there should not be politics over it but the benefits of cows should be publicised. 

"There should be no politics over cow slaughter. Fingers should not be raised on a particular community. If people knew the benefits of cows, every family would start doing this," Khan said. 

He said that even foreign scientists understand the benefits of cows of domestic breed

Khan said that many scientists from at least 15 countries have visited his cow shelter for research purposes.