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Chandigarh all set to ban short skirts in discos, 'indecency' and 'sedition' top reasons

India TV News Desk 20 Apr 2016, 9:16:41 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Chandigarh: The Chandigarh administration is all set to ban short skirts at city discos, thus chocking the city’s nightlife in the name of regulation.

According to a report in Times of India report, the administration in the name of its policy ‘Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016’, which many have termed absurd and ridiculous, has made all provisions to ban girls wearing short skirts at late nigh discos.

Stating that ‘scantily dressed women’ and ‘indecency’ are the reason behind this step, some bureaucrats feel that bars and discotheques are a breeding ground for anti-national elements too.

Earlier on April 1, the city administration had announced a new policy curtailing the bar timings by 2 hours from 2am to 12 midnight. Besides, the new rules also empowered the babus over bar owners with some exception power, making the running of discos tough in the city. 

According to the new policy, the power to refuse renewal of permission for business operation is in the hands of a nodal committee with deputy commissioner as chairman and municipal corporation (MC) commissioner, Chandigarh police SSP, director, health services and excise and taxation commissioner as members.

Referring to the running of bars and discotheques, the policy states the permission can be denied by the committee in case of "exhibition or advertisement of scantily dressed women" and "indecency" or if it is "seditious and likely to excite political discontent."

However, the policy drafted, does not mention "scantily dressed women" or "indecency" and also doesn't intricate on sedition.