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Curfew clamped in Hazaribagh town following violence

PTI 17 Apr 2016, 21:18:42 IST

Hazaribagh (Jharkhand): Curfew was today promulgated in Hazaribagh town and in surrounding areas after two groups of people clashed, torched shops and pelted stones at policemen injuring several of them on the last day of the Ram Navami festival.

The trouble started when objectionable recorded slogans were played in a Ram Navami procession triggering clash between two groups of people at the nearby Kud Rewali village near Hazaribagh railway station, Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Kumar said.

Incidents of clash and arson were also reported in other parts of the town---- Boddom Bazar Gowaltoli, Panch Mandir Chowk and Kud locality, he said adding that 20 shops belonging to both groups were torched.

Stones were pelted at police when they tried to control the situation and in the process several policemen were injured, he said.

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The curfew was promulgated in Hazaribagh town and in surrounding areas, the Deputy Commissioner said. Earlier, the administration had promulgated prohibitory orders under Section 144 CrPC in the Hazaribagh Municipal Corporation.

“Now the situation is under control and patrolling in the entire town has been intensified,” he said.

An unspecified number of people were arrested, he said.