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Delhi government puts on hold bike-taxi and rent-a-bike schemes

PTI 22 Apr 2016, 23:36:19 IST

New Delhi: The city government has put on hold its bike-taxi and rent-a-bike schemes after authorities in Gurgaon and Bengaluru launched a crackdown over rampant violations in their operations.

The AAP government had in February last year approved the rent-a-bike scheme but not notified it. It was aimed at providing last mile connectivity to tourists and individual in the city.

The Bike-taxi scheme was, however, under consideration.

”In Gurgaon and Benguluru, operators of rent-a-bike and bike-taxi schemes were running private vehicles which is in violation of rules. Only commercial vehicles are allowed under the scheme,” said a senior official.

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The official said that in view of this, the transport department will study the scheme and then come out with a final notification.

”We have put on hold rent-a-bike and bike-taxi schemes for now. We will soon issue a notification on the schemes after studying all aspects,” the official said.

As per the rent-a-bike scheme, tourists will be required to submit their identity at bike counters and thereafter, they would be given the bike on rent.