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Doctors remove 3.5kg foetus from one-year-old girl's stomach in Tamil Nadu

India TV News Desk Coimbatore 09 Aug 2016, 16:31:04 PM IST
India TV News Desk

In a rare medical condition, doctors at a private hospital in Mettupalayam removed a 3.5 Kg foetus  from the abdomen of an one-year-old girl after a two-hour long operation.
This foetus which was removed after the surgery was feeding off the girl's blood supply, nutrition, and crushing her organs. The child was born to daily wage labourers, who had ignored her larger than normal stomach.
However, the parents were shocked when they saw the scan which revealed that a large foetus was growing inside her stomach.
Doctors at Shri Ganapathy Krishna Hospital told The Times Of India, "It was only after the child began having issues breathing and having food and the stomach had grown to a noticeably abnormal size did they go to a private doctor in Erode,"
The doctors initially believed that the baby had a large cyst in her stomach and referred her to Dr Vijayagiri, who later diagnosed her with the medical condition, foetus-in-foetu, where a parasitic twin resides inside the host twin.
D. Vijayagiri, who managed to remove the foetus, told media, that the infant, Nisha, was safe. 

This surgery was very complicated as the girl's organs, including her kidney, were attached to the foetus. Before the surgery, she weighed 8 kg and is now recovering.