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Don’t cross your limits’: BJP MLA moves lady IPS officer to tears

India TV News Desk Gorakhpur 08 May 2017, 18:49:57 IST
India TV News Desk

“Don’t cross your limits”, BJP MLA Radha Mohan Das yelled at woman IPS officer Charu Nigam amid a heated argument over the eviction of protesters in UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s constituency on Monday morning.

The local MLA reached the spot amid complaints by protesters that the Circle Officer Charu Nigam, had forcibly removed the people protesting against illicit liquor shops, and alleged that the police had hit a woman and dragged an 80-year-old man.

The MLA questioned and accused the IPS officer of exercising high-handedness with the protesters and told her that there had been orders by the state government that liquor shops will not function in densely populated residential areas. 

"We are against the operation of liquor shops. People were peacefully protesting against the liquor shops, but the woman police officer forcibly removed the protesters and while doing so, she hit a woman and dragged an 80-year-old man. This simply cannot be tolerated," he said.

In her defence, the woman officer said that the protesters were removed from the road as they were obstructing traffic. However, the local leader was in no mood to listen to the officer and reprimanded her in full public view, repeatedly pointing his finger at him in rage.

After the exchange of words, popular as ‘Lady Singham’, IPS Nigam is seen wiping her tears in the telecast visuals, although she said, "I did not weep, as it is not ingrained in my personality. However, I got emotional when my senior officer supported me." The police officer later accused the MLA for his misconduct.

 "The MLA misbehaved with me and refused to acknowledge in full public view that he is speaking to a woman police officer," Nigam said.

 When the MLA arrived, the road was free from protesters, which apparently angered him as he had asked them to stay put and lift the blockade only after his persuasion, Nigam claimed.

 Aggarwal rubbished allegations, he alleged that there was a tacit understanding between the police and the liquor mafia as a liquor shop closed 15 days ago had suddenly started doing business again.

 When asked to comment on the footage telecast by local news channels, Aggarwal said, "Is my body language showing that I am misbehaving with her? I was not speaking to the CO(Charu Nigam), but to the SP (City). See my body language properly." "If you see the video recording of the incident, you will find the woman officer removing the protesters forcibly...you will see the reality," the MLA said. 

 The woman IPS officer has been quite active in the newly formed anti-Romeo squad and has been nick-named by some media organisations as 'Lady Singham'.

 (PTI Inputs)