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Feel the jail! This Telangana prison offers 24-hour confinement for Rs 500

India TV News Desk New Delhi 26 Aug 2016, 18:27:07 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Have you ever heard of a home stay in a prison to encourage tourism? Now, in what can be termed as a novel initiative, the old district jail at Sangareddy in Telangana’s Medak has opened its gates for everyone to experience the feeling of ‘prison life’, for a fee.

 Aptly called ‘Feel the Jail’, the programme looks to provide accommodation to tourists in one of the cells and they would have to experience what a prisoner would have faced on a normal day in prison.
Also, a shorter tour of the jail museum is also on offer.

 The jail museum was opened on June 5 by Home Minister Naini Narasimha Reddy. On the very next day it was open to the public  with entry fee of Rs. 10 for adults and Rs. 5 for children.

 So all those who want to ‘understand freedom’ can pay Rs 500 to the Jails department and get ‘24-hour confinement.’ This heritage jail & museum will make people understand how it feels to be in a prison environment.

During the stay, tourists will be provided only jail food and will live the life of a prisoner. But a fan will be provided to every tourist.

Those who want the ‘locked-up’ experience in the women’s barracks will be provided usual khadi dress, shirt, shorts or trousers, bedding, steel plate, steel glass and steel mug, washing soap and toilet soap, all as laid down in the prison manual.

The menu includes ‘chapati’ or ‘chitrannam’ for breakfast, pigeon pea with ‘rasam’, and red gram with ‘rasam’, on alternate days for lunch. Dinner is curry, ‘rasam’ and curd.

 Tea is offered between 6 and 6.30 a.m., followed by breakfast from 7 to 7.30, lunch from 10.30 to 11, another tea between noon and 12.30, and dinner between 4.30 and 5 p.m. While tea is locally prepared, food comes from the District Jail at Kandi.

Coming to the prison work, there is no such work involved, but the tourists are free to plant saplings.