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Laws being sidestepped in name of contract labour, says Sharad Yadav

India TV News Desk New Delhi 01 Aug 2016, 17:08:19 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Pointing out at a rather overlooked issue, Janata Dal-United leader Sharad Yadav today spoke of how the system of hiring contract labour was bypassing the laws, leaving number of workers without any protection.

Referring to the killing of nine labourers killed in an accident at a construction site in Pune, Yadav said, “We did not change labour laws, but this disease of contract labour has spread across the country."

"We found a way to surpass labour laws," he said, adding that even the cleaners in the Parliament were on contract.

"It means no responsibility and bypassing the rights labourers in India got after years of struggle."

Meanwhile, Congress leader Anand Sharma said there was reduction in jobs and, raising a question at the government, Sharma said, "The government promised employment so there should have been four-five crore employment opportunities. The government figures say employment is going down."

(With IANS inputs)