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Modi government to recruit 2.2 Lakh central employees in 2 years

India TV News Desk 18 Apr 2016, 10:09:03 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: In a shift from its mantra of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’, Narendra Modi government is all set to add 2.2 lakh central employees over a period of two years, reports The Times of India

The staff count is set to increase to 35.23 lakh by March 1, 2017 against 33.05 lakh employees in March 1, 2015.

The biggest increase of 70,000 is projected in the revenue department as it faces a major staff crunch in Group B and C categories, which have seen recruitment freeze for many years.

As a result, vacancies have piled up and more than six lakh posts are unoccupied, personnel ministry told the newspaper.

Central paramilitary forces is also expected to fill 47,000 posts. The strength of the home ministry, excluding paramilitary forces, has increased by 6,000.

The personnel ministry, which manages government staff, added 1,800 jobs in the last two years, the urban development ministry 6,000, mines ministry 4,399 and department of space 1,000, the daily said.

Meanwhile, the cabinet secretariat, will add only 301 employees to take the number to 1,201 by March 1, 2017. The Information & Broadcast (I&B) Ministry added 2,200 personnel in the last two years.