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Muslim Personal Law Board should be abolished for the sake of Muslims, says Taslima Nasreen

India TV News Desk New Delhi 06 May 2017, 7:24:39 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Terming All India Muslim Personal Law Boad (AIMPLB) an exclusive organisation of Sunni fundamentalists, exiled Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen has advocated its abolition in the interest of the Muslim community itself.

In an interview to Times of India, Taslima Nasreen rued that AIMPLB objects to any change in the divorce laws to confer parity to Muslim women.

“This is an organisation of Sunni fundamentalists which does not take into its fold Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims. Its duty is to protect Muslim personal laws which are based on Sharia. It supports the antediluvian system of triple talaq, child marriage, and opposes gay rights,” Taslima Nasreen said.

Calling for abolition on AIMPLB, Taslima added that Muslims need modern civil laws based on equality and justice only.

“This board issues fatwas against reforms in Islam and all kinds of progressive ideas. The misogynistic law board should be abolished for the sake of Muslims. Muslims need no other laws but modern civil laws based on equality and justice,” she added.

On the issue of triple talaq, Taslima pointed out that many Muslim countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh have already banned it.

She added that India is yet to ban triple talaq because of “politics of appeasement”.

“Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia and Algeria banned triple talaq. Bangladesh banned triple talaq before I was even born. India is not able to do this because of the politics of appeasement,” she said.

Taslima further said that any law or system which reduces dignity of human beings cannot be essential to any  religion.

“Even if triple talaq were an inseparable part of Islam, it should still be discarded because women do not have the same right to divorce their husbands,” Taslima said.


Taslima Nasreen also slammed the left-liberal groups for their soft corner for Islamists and called it one of the world’s biggest tragedies.

“The hypocrisy of left-liberal groups is unimaginable. Instead of supporting Muslim women’s human rights, they want them to suffer under misogynistic religious laws. The marriage between the left wing and Islamists is one of the world’s biggest tragedies,” she added.