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New born girl was nibbled by rats in Rajasthan hospital

India TV News Desk New Delhi 14 Jun 2017, 16:31:42 IST
India TV News Desk

A case of negligence took place in Banswara hospital which will send chills down your spine, A new born baby’s forehead was nibbled by rats multiple  times and this went totally unnoticeable by staff present at  that time in  the premises of hospital. The baby was left unattended at the time of power cut and the family members noticed the bite marks once the power resumed. Family of the baby lodged a complaint against the hospital authorities. Baby's mother, Priyanka, gave birth to a baby boy four days ago. However, it has been informed that a committee, consisting of hospital staff and nurses has been formed to take charge of the matters related to this irresponsibility. This incident took place early in the morning but was noticed only when the newborn's mother saw the marks. 

“Power failure was the main reason behind all this. Other parents and nursing staff couldn't understand why the new born wailed so badly. Later, they came to know about the incident”.

PHED minister and in-charge of Banswara district Sushil Katara visited the hospital on Tuesday and comforted parents. Child rights protection commission too, has taken a cognizance in the matter and directed the Child Welfare Committee to hold an enquiry.

On Tuesday, state minister Sushil Katara made a surprise visit to the hospital and directed the authorities to take quick action against staff responsible for the incident. He also visited the blood bank, women's ward, OPD and checked attendance register.