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One-side printed Rs 500 notes found in Madhya Pradesh; ‘faded’ Rs 2,000 note causes panic in Patna

India TV News Desk Bhopal 12 Jan 2017, 10:18:21 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Villagers in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh were taken aback for the second time in a fortnight due to printing errors in new currency notes.

Last week, farmers of a remote village in the district were shocked when they received genuine Rs 2,000 notes without the image of Mahatma Gandhi from a bank. A similar kind of incident has once again come into light from Khargone district near Indore.

This time, some ATMs in Khargone district have dispensed Rs 500 notes which were blank on one side.

Hemant Soni, a resident of Segaon village said that when he withdrew Rs 1,500 from a SBI ATM, he found that two of the Rs 500 notes were printed only on one side. 

"Only the side with Mahatma Gandhi's image was printed. The other side was blank," he said, adding that bank officials replaced it when brought to their notice.

Another incident was reported in New Radhavallabh Market where a man withdrew Rs 4,500 from an ATM and noted that one of the Rs 500 notes was having same error.

The new notes were meant to replace the demonetised currency, but errors in new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes are causing some confusion – because of printing errors.

They have caused doubts in the minds of the people whether these currency notes are genuine or fakes.

In Patna, a citizen had to struggle to get his genuine Rs 2,000 get replaced because no shopkeeper including banks were ready to accept it.

Sameer Jhunjhunwala, a restaurant owner, said that the colour of one Rs 2,000 note which he got from his customer had almost lost its colour. 

Jhunjhunwala said that when he tried to used it for legal tender at petrol pump, the representatives refused to accept it. He then visited a Punjab National Bank branch near Gandhi Maidan to replace it, but returned without getting his problem solved.

Jhunjhunwala then decided to tweet about his problem by tagging Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and the RBI. But response from both was still awaited. 

Jhunjhunwala said that he had also visited RBI’s office but he was not allowed to enter the premises. He, however, got his note replaced from one of his relative who is employed at a bank.