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Pathankot attack: NSG recommends Lt Col Niranjan, four-legged hero for gallantry award

India TV News Desk 24 Apr 2016, 18:17:15 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: India may soon have its first four-legged gallantry award winner as the National Security Guard (NSG) has recommended its dog ‘Rocket’ along with slain officer Lt Col Niranjan and two others  for gallantry medals as they played a crucial role in eliminating terrorists in Pathankot airbase attack earlier this year.


Rocket, a Belgian breed known as ‘Malinois’, trained to detect explosives devices and human presence, has suffered various injuries during the terror attack while Lt Col Niranjan EK was killed while sanitising a terrorist’s booby-trapped body.

The two-and-a-half-year-old dog and his handler have been recommended for the bravery decoration by the National Security Guard headquarters for displaying “raw courage and dedication to duty” in the face of extreme threat and danger.

‘Rocket’ had walked into a burning airmen’s billet on the direction of his master and brought back a pouch that indicated presence of militants inside.

A senior official said that Rocket’s paws got singed but that did not deter him from following the directions of his handler.

“While there have been few instances when Army dogs have been honoured with military medals, this is the first for NSG which was established in 1984 as the federal contingency force,” they said.

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A final decision will however be taken by a Union Home Ministry-appointed committee which clears names of recipients of these medals. The list is expected to be finalised before the next Independence Day.

‘Rocket’ is one of the most trusted four-legged trooper of the NSG’s K-9 (canine) squad. The squad is deployed along with commandos during counter-terror and counter-hijack operations.

Officials said apart from ‘Rocket’, a similar recommendation has been made for the second-highest peacetime gallantry medal for Niranjan, Commanding Officer of the NSG’s bomb disposal squad, who was killed while sanitising a terrorist’s body.

NSG had said it lost the experienced and brilliant counter-IED officer to a deadly booby trap as the terrorists had used an innovative technique whose antidote was not included in the Standard Operating Procedure of the ‘Black Cat’ Commando Force.

Niranjan’s lungs were punctured after a grenade that was on the corpse of a terrorist detonated and the officer died before being taken to hospital.

The Pathankot attack that took place on the intervening night of January 1-2 claimed the lives of seven security personnel while four terrorists were killed by NSG and other security personnel.

While the NSG has maintained six terrorists were involved in the attack, including two in the airmen billet which they brought down using heavy explosives, it so far has proof of presence of only four militants whose bodies were later recovered.

(With PTI inputs)