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Rajasthan Judge trolled on Twitter for saying "Peacocks don't have sex"

India TV News Desk New Delhi 01 Jun 2017, 16:03:09 IST
India TV News Desk

Judge Mahesh Sharma made a baseless remark on a TV channel that peacocks have been chosen as the national bird of India because they don’t have sex. According to him, peacocks don’t get involved in coitus and the peahen gets pregnant only by swallowing the tears of the peacock. Earlier, he cited that cow should replace tigers to the national animal of the country as it is too holy. The experts have, however, rejected his claims. 

Mr. Sharma became the talk of Twitter when he told the reporters in Jaipur that peacocks are as holy as cows and that is why is the national bird of India. He also added that government should immediately replace tiger with cow to the be the national animal, citing its holiness. In no time that the statement was made, social media went berserk. His remark received many reactions on the micro-blogging site including some very hilarious ones. Some even posted videos to counter the celibacy theory devised by the Rajasthan judge. 

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha also tweeted her views about the same. 

Even the experts completely discarded Mahesh Sharma’s peacock theory. Bikram Grewal, an ornithologist told The Indian Express, “"This theory about peacocks drinking tears to breed is an old hoax. They breed like all other birds, by means of sexual copulation,"