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On Ram Navami, Jain community celebrates 'World Peace Harmony Day' to remember Lord Mahavira

Bhavya Srivastava 15 Apr 2016, 22:24:07 IST
Bhavya Srivastava

New Delhi: A day, Ram Navmi, which is considered auspicious for many reasons was chosen for a great message through a programme of Jain Religion. Lord Mahavira, the 24th teaching god of Jain religion was born 2615 years ago and established many theoretical practical teachings. He was born in a royal family. He was a blue blood, but when he left the palace for inner journey, he became a monk of common and uncommon possibilities. There is a word in jain scriptures, Kevali, which means omniscient, Lord Mahavira become that in one life. On 19th April, his ideology completes 2615 years, in which 23 last teaching god's knowledge and wisdom incubated for a better world.   

Jain Religion is now facing many tough realities. It has many sects, many truths and little population. So, when Actor Vivek Oberoi, said in a programme that they are in minority but when any social work comes, they are the majority supporters. Its the beauty of this religion, which is developed similarly with Buddh religion and now lagging the quantity, surely it has make the quality its notion of identity.

Digambar, Swetambar, Terapanthi, Sthanakvasi, Murtipujak and Vahanvihari. These are the most famous sects of jain religion today. One core theme for any follower of jainism is peace and harmony, they believe in hard work, social service and salvation. Jainism is a now more a philosophy, way of living and thought, than a region. You can’t differentiate a jain person by his behaviour or common gestures. He mingled himself so immensely that many are now soft followers of other religions too.

When a famous Jain saint Acharya Lokesh Muni decided to club various occasions to create a message under the umbrella of 'World Peace Harmony Day' in Vigyan Bhavan of New Delhi, the message was loud and clear. Surely it's not for jain religion only. Its the practical teachings of Mahavira that supports Anekantavaad, the first message of Interfaith by any religious guru. The dais was full of inspiring personalities.

When India’s foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj hold the podium, she exhorts that "the challenges of nuclear wars, terrorism can be neutralise by the philosophy of Lord Mahavira. The world is seeing lot of violence today, the anekant theory of mahavira can create a wider message of peace and harmony". This is what jain religion preaches from day one.

Union Minority affairs minister Nazma Heptullah said "the imbalance of economical realities can be solved by Mahavira teachings of limited personal usage of physical things".

Union Cabinet Minister Ravishankar Prasad said "he belongs to Bihar, which is land of Lord Mahavira, and he always follow his teachings".

Acharya Lokesh Muni emphasised the value of jain religion via many examples of social reforms the saints have done. The programme is attended by many other religion representatives also.

The beauty of jain religion lies in the practical aspect of following. Jainism itself provides many solutions to relevant problems. The living of a jain saint or a common follower idealistically create the message of simplicity and harmony.  Jain religion today comes into the minority category, though many states of India, never considered them a different faith. They gel in society like water and produce the best for the milieu.

Lets hope that the diversity of India, propers with the different faith and world can see this land for many practical solutions by its philosophical and spiritual deep roots.