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Taslima Nasreen robbed of her money by ATM card cloner in Brazil

India TV News Desk New Delhi 19 May 2017, 14:27:22 IST
India TV News Desk

Noted Bengali writer Taslima Nasreen, presently on a visit to Brazil, has been robbed of most of her money in bank account after she used an ATM in Copacabana.

Writing on her Facebook wall in Bengali, Taslima narrated how while visiting the Copacabana seacoast, she went to a bicycle shop named Rio Electric, and withdrew some money from an ATM installed there. 

Twenty minutes later, she says, for three days running, the cheat cloned her ATM card details and withdrew almost all the money lying in her account, by purchasing expensive articles. 

Three days later, the writer realized that she had no money left in her account.  After contacing her bank, she came to know that her card was cloned and the cheat withdrew most of her money. 


The writer has lodged a complaint with Rio tourist police, but is unsure if the Brazilian police will be able to nab the cheat or not. 

The Bangladeshi writer has been staying in New Delhi for the last several years under tight security. She is staying in exile, away from her land of birth, for the last 24 years, after fundamentalists in Bangladesh and India issued fatwas to kill her for denigrating Islam in her writings.