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This is how street dogs helped Delhi Police in cracking murder mystery

India TV News Desk New Delhi 17 Mar 2017, 0:02:19 AM IST
India TV News Desk

With the help of street dogs, the Delhi Police have managed to unravelled the mystery behind the murder of a 30-year-old woman in just eight hours of the crime

Mohammed Anish, 36, killed his wife Nargis, mother of three, in south Delhi’s Sangam Vihar around 1.00 a.m. on Thursday on the suspicion that she had illicit relations with somebody.

He would have dumped the body in nearby forest area, but had to leave it a few metres away from their house because the street dogs wouldn’t let him proceed and started barking.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Chinmoy Biswal told IANS that Anish was held from his house when neighbours identified the body and raised suspicion over his role in the incident.

During interrogation, Anish, a painter, spilled the beans and accepted that he killed his wife over her illicit relationship with someone.

“Anish attacked the woman on her head with a spade multiple times when their children were sleeping,” Biswal added.

Station House Officer Kuldeep Singh said that the case might have taken more time to crack and could not have been solved so easily if the street dogs had not stopped him when he was taking his wife’s body to dispose it of.

“In his interrogation, Anish said the street dogs started barking at him when he was taking his wife’s body to dump it in a nearby forest to hide the crime. He got afraid of being caught by neighbours and left the body near to the staircase of a house which was just a few metres away from his house,” the officer told IANS.

He said that some shopkeepers in the area spotted the body wrapped in a blanket around 7 a.m. and made a call to the Police Control Room.

(With inputs from IANS)