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JuD exposes nefarious design to create ‘uprising’ in Kashmir, to conduct social media workshops in Pakistan

India TV News Desk New Delhi 04 Apr 2017, 13:50:33 IST
India TV News Desk

In its continued attempt to spur unrest in the Kashmir Valley through the use of social media, the cyber team of banned terror outfit Jamaat-ud Dawa (JuD) has intimated that it will conduct social media workshop at Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan, Rawalpindi and Lahore from April 1 to April 16. 

These ‘workshops’ are aimed at training/inviting volunteers to joining efforts for creating ‘uprising’ in Kashmir in 2017. 

Hundreds of volunteers were recruited in the seminar at Rawalpindi in March this year, according to an ANI report. 

India TV had reported how Pakistan was maintaining as many as 17,000 fake social media accounts to fool Kashmiris into their propaganda primarily through WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. As part of a coordinated effort to obstruct anti-terror operations in India to help militants flee, information is shared on WhatsApp groups urging locals to gather at the encounter sites and create disturbance. 

Besides this, the propaganda will also be directed towards the Indian Army. 

These efforts of Pakistan have reportedly been flagged to the high levels in the government which claims to have put up active plans to counter it. 

While the security agencies have admitted to the presence of the open workshops run by JuD cyber teams, they are surprisingly not worried as Indian cyber experts have already infiltrated into such JuD cyber teams and sufficient amount of malware has been made to take on the malwares made by the Jud team.

“Steps have been taken to counter such nefarious plans at various levels,” the officials confirmed. 

The posters, inviting volunteers to attend these workshops, emerge days after Jamat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed’s son Hafiz Talha was found raising JuD’s Kashmir agenda in one of his speeches recently. 

In a video accessed by a news channel, Talha, speaking at a rally in Pakistan, accused India of harming Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. 

The video confirmed that while Hafiz Saeed is under “house arrest” in Pakistan, his son Talha has taken the charge of his terror campaign against India. 

Talha also exposed Pakistan’s police role in the terror activities against India and says: “Pak police is working hand in glove with the terrorists”.