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Watch! 53-year-old falls to death while parasailing in Coimbatore

India TV News Desk New Delhi August 08, 2016 13:20 IST
India TV News Desk

A 53-year-old man fell to his death after a parasailing event turned fatal due to a malfunction in Coimbatore. 

This incident took place on Sunday when Malleswara Rao, a resident of Perla, particiapted in the Parasailing event at Coddisia grounds in Coimbatore.

As per reports, Rao opted for the adventure sport along with his friends who decided to capture the event on tape. 

The event was reportedly conducted by Indian Aero Sports and Science Club and Coimbatore Government Medical College at Codissia on Sunday morning to celebrate the golden jubilee of the medical college. 

However, after a minute of parasailing, the onlookers realised that something had gone horribly wrong, and then came the man's tragic fall from 50m straight onto the pavement.

It was discovered later that the man had not been properly latched by the organisation's official and that the safety belt and hook had failed to hold him. After the incident, the organisers, Indian Aero Sports and Science, fled from the spot.

Rao was a resident of KTVR near Duraisamy Layout in Peelamadu and lived with his wife Padmashri, 48. He was a father to a 28-year-old daughter and a 25-year-old son.