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Woman foils abduction bid by men in SUV at Gurugram’s busy IFFCO chowk

India TV News Desk Gurugram 11 Jan 2017, 10:55:07 IST
India TV News Desk

In yet another shocking incident raising questions on the safety of women in National Capital Region, a woman in her mid-twenties defied an abduction attempt  at Gurugram’s busy Iffco Chowk on Monday evening. 

According to a Times of India report, the 26-year-old woman got off a Volvo bus from Jaipur and walked a few metres from the stop for better mobile signal so that she could book a cab, when a white Scorpio pulled up next to her. 

It was 7 pm – rush hour – and Gurugram’s busiest junction, but that didn’t prevent a man in the back seat from grabbing the woman’s hand and trying pull her into the SUV. 

The woman, who works as a consultant with an IT firm In Cyber City, somehow succeeded in resisting the abduction attempt. She returned home and wrote a Facebook post to describe the horror.  She also shared it with a Gurugram women’s community to caution other women. 

The report quoted the woman saying that no one from the public came forward to help despite her yelling and crying. She also said that she  does not want to lodge a police complaint, apprehensive that her parents would get worried and ask her to return Jaipur. 

“The road was packed and I was figuring out a way to cross it and book an Uber as the server was not connecting on the side I got off (the lane under the flyover),” Times of India quoted the woman as saying. 

As she was crossing the road, the Scorpio stopper near her. Before she sould understand what was going on, a man opened the back door, grabbed her arm and tried pulling her inside the SUV. 

“I gathered myself and put my foot on the door of the car and tried pulling myself back and I started shouting at the peak of my voice. Meanwhile, the signal turned green and the men sped away, throwing me on the road,” she said. 

She said she tried to file an online complaint but could not submit it as she didn’t have all the required information. 

“I could not see the number plate of the car and hence I only have partial information on details of the vehicle and information of the people in the car,” she said, adding that she also went to see if there were any CCTV cameras in the area but the spot is extremely poorly lit for any images to be captured. 

Meanwhile, the SHO of sector 17/18 police station, Ram Kumar, urged the woman to file a complaint immediately and promised the police would help her in every way they could.