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It's a growing trend! Your LinkdIn profile, not resume, will fetch you a better job in startups

India TV News Desk 19 Apr 2016, 13:24:19 IST
India TV News Desk

Chennai: These days many companies while hiring do not entertain a bio data or resume instead they encourage candidates to send in their LinkedIn profiles.

According to the Economic Times report, a Delhi-based startup HelpChat  encourages candidates to send in their LinkedIn profiles instead of a resume. They maintain this during their recruitment process and want candiadates to have strong LinkedIn profiles instead of a printed biodata which they carry along with them during the hiring process.

Vijay Sharma, CEO at Belong.co which provides talent acquisition solutions, says that among his 30-odd startup customers which include the likes of Ola, Snapdeal and Practo, 30-40% are among those who have completely moved away from the resume culture.

An algorithm has been developed by the company to help its customers hire the right candidates based on their digital foot print. 

"A lot of data is being left behind online by the user. They are not aware what they are leaving, but this data actually means a lot," said Sharma.

He adds, "These data points say a lot about candidates."

When it comes to hiring, a LinkedIn profile will hold a lot more weightage than Facebook or Twitter, because those are engaging platforms unlike LinkedIn which is a hiring platform.

He is the one who has never gone through a resume while hiring for employees for his company.

Even platforms like Stack Overflow, GitHub and Quora are also examined by the recruiters to know about the candidate and collect information about him.

 "Doing this we get a first-hand impression about the candidate," said Uttam Kumar Sanghi, who leads talent acquisition at Zenefits India. 

It is just not company's thing. It is a two-way stream as these days candidates are also very much informed about the pros and cons of the company