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Youth covers 50,000 km journey across India on motorbike

PTI 23 Apr 2016, 23:36:45 PM IST

New Delhi: A 24-year-old Delhi-based youth has travelled solo on a motorbike across the country clocking over 50,000 km of journey in seven months. 

Krishanu Kona, who began his expedition in August from the national capital, returned early April, facing harsh conditions in Leh and covered practically whole of India. 

"The journey sounded daunting, but I just had my Eureka moment one fine day and took out my bike with whatever savings I had. My parents were very supportive in it," he said today. 

His father, Kona Madhusudana Rao, a government employee, said, "we were worried all the time." 

"He started on August 30 and returned on April 9. He wanted to go to the north-east also but because of some disturbance there he couldn't," he said.