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Youtube recognises India TV for crossing 1 million subscription mark

India TV News Desk New Delhi February 01, 2017 16:33 IST
India TV News Desk

In yet another milestone for India TV,  the channel has now joined the coveted  club of over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. 

Youtube' CEO Susan Wojcicki congratulated the India TV team for the big achievement and presented a ‘Gold Play’ button as a token of their appreciation. The current subscription base of India TV on  YouTube currently stands at around 1.3 million.

"We Know that being able to touch the lives of so many people is reward enough. But we are incredibly proud of all you have done, so we  hope that you will accept this Gold Play button as a token of our esteem," the Youtube CEO said in a letter to the channel.

She further expressed hope that India TV would continue to grow and soon achieve another milestone in the journey.

"With your track record, we suspect that you are only going to keep growing. And we can't wait to see you reach next milestone: 10 million subscribers."

India TV team is also active on other social media platforms as well, with over 6 million page likes on Facebook and 2,68,000 followers on Twitter.