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10 Flights, 13 Trains Cancelled, 49 Trains Delayed

PTI 03 Jan 2010, 12:03:29 IST

Passengers of Spicejet created a ruckus at Delhi airport as their flight was cancelled on Sunday morning dspite a clear sky.  In all ten flights were cancelled which included :

Delhi to Bangalore S-5231,

Delhi to Amritsar  9W 2631,

Delhi to Leh - 9W609,

 Delhi to Kochi SD101 ,

Delhi to Puna S 2137

Delhi to Mumbai 9W332 .

12 other flights have been delayed from Delhi airport.

 Bad weather also affected the running of trains to and fro Delhi.  13 trains have been cancelled on Sunday morning, while 49 trains are running late.

Following is the list of cancelled trains:

2402 Magadh Express ,2419 Gomti Express , 2452 Sharam Shakti Express, 2460 , Amrisar New Delhi, 2488 Seemanchal Express, 2497/2498 Shan-e-Punjab, 4006 Lichhavi Exp, 4120 Dehradun Kathgodam Exp,4123 Pratap Kanpur Exp, 4164 Sangam Exp and 4681 New Delhi Jalandhar Exp.

49 trains are running late. They include:

1057 Amritsar express 2.5 hours late

Licchavi Express 9 hours late

Sapt kranti Express 1.5 hours late

Purushottam Express 7 hours late

Mahabodhi Express 7 hours late

Vaishali express 6 hours late

Prayag raj express 6 hours late

Shiv ganga express 5 hours late

Vikramshila express 5 hours late

Poorva express 5 hours late

Sampark kranti 5.5  hours late

Andhra Pradesh express 9 hours late

Most of the delays are due to Saturday's train collisions on the Delhi-Kanpur route and power failure of Northern Grid.

PTI reports: at the Delhi airport, 45 domestic departures and 25 arrivals were delayed by two to five hours and 17 international flights were diverted on Saturday when thick fog and a cable fault played havoc with flight operations.

Airport sources said there was fog around midnight but the sky started clearing by morning and operations went normally.

 Meanwhile, six domestic flights to Amritsar, Leh and Srinagar were cancelled due to poor weather at the destination.

Some international flights were delayed up to three hours around midnight due to fog as the runway visibility was less than 150 metres. The present visibility at main runway is around 2,000 metres while at the new runway it is 1600 metres, Met dept at the airport said.