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14 deer dead due to heat in Dewas district

India TV News Desk 01 Jun 2014, 11:47:35 IST
India TV News Desk
Dewas, MP: Intense heat claimed the lives of 14 deer in the Kannaud-Khategaon forest zone in the district on Saturday.

The locals of Ghodighat, Gandwana and Kakad villages, about 120 km from here, alerted the forest officials in the morning about the dead deer.

The concerned officers of the forest department immediately reached the spot and took the dead deer in custody.

The dead deer were then sent to Sannod nursery. This is not the first case of the deer dying.

Dr Swarnajeet Singh, who carried out autopsies, said cause of death in each case was sun-burn and heat stroke.

Small water pools in the area have dried up.

Locals said that as the fields could not be irrigated in the last three days because of power outage, the animals would not have found water even in the open tanks in the fields.