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2 crore mandays generated under NREGA

PTI 02 Aug 2014, 12:27:05 PM IST
Burdwan(WB): Burdwan district which has the  distinction of the highest generator of persondays of NREGA work throughout the country has already generated more then two crore persondays' in just four months of this financial year, a top district official claimed today.  

Burdwan District Magistrate Saumitra Mohan said as on date, we have already generated more than two crore persondays in just four months, providing 38 days of average persondays' (this was 36 during the last financial year) work to each household.

We hope to provide 100 days of work to each household by the end of this year, Mohan said.

The District Magistrate said Burdwan generated 2.3 crore persondays during 2012-13 and we notched up 2.9 crore persondays during 2013-14, the highest in the country.  

He claimed Burdwan was one of the two districts shortlisted and nominated by the national team for the excellence award.

Mohan said in the four months this year around 3,86, 315 households comprising 1.39 crore people have got work under NREGA in Burdwan district.

Out of 1.39 crore people who have got work under NREGA, 55,74,811 are women.