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271 animals seized ahead of Nepal ritual sacrifice

IANS November 20, 2014 13:37 IST

Patna: The authorities in Bihar have arrested 47 people and confiscated 271 animals along the India-Nepal border ahead of animal sacrifice in Nepal's Gadhimai festival, an animal protection group said here Thursday.

Humane Society International (HSI) said it was hopeful the number of animals killed this year will be much reduced.

"HSI recently undertook a special mission to Nepal where it met the president and the prime minister of Nepal, as well as temple officials to call for a suspension of the sacrifice of half a million buffalo, goats and hens," HSI said in a communication to IANS.

In response to the Supreme Court's directive asking animal protection groups and others to devise an action plan to ensure its order is implemented, border checks have been increased.

The state government confirmed that 47 people have been arrested and 271 animals seized in the past month, HSI said.

The largest ritual slaughter in the world takes place in the Gadhimai festival. It takes place in every five years and 70 percent of the animals sacrificed comes from India.

The festival starts Sunday, with the sacrifice scheduled for Nov 28-29.