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Illegal quarrying destroyed over 60 water resources in Madurai

PTI 08 Apr 2015, 16:41:08 PM IST

Madurai: A report of the agricultural department here has revealed that illegal granite mining had destroyed 65 main water resources, including tanks, lakes and ponds, besides 20000 acres of cultivable lands in this district, officials said.

Agricultural department officials, who submitted their report before the Sagayam Commission, investigating the illegal granite quarrying in this district,said their report was voluminous running into several thousand pages.

The Joint Director of Agriculture JaiSingh Gnanadurai headed the investigation into the impact of illegal mining on farm lands. He said the Melur and Madurai East block were the worst affected by the mining.

He said statement of those who had lost their lands, whose lands were forcefully grabbed, video and Photo proof had been given to the commission.Besides,police had also registered cases against the granite companies responsible for the illegal activities like destroying the water resource.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Madurai Government Rajaji hospital has been summoned to give details of those who had died in the quarry accidents, officials said.