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Gujarat: 70 per cent working women are 'marginal' workers

India TV News Desk 05 Aug 2014, 12:14:23 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: The Gujarat government may be busy in celebrating ‘Women's Empowerment Fortnight', but a report shows that nearly 70 per cent working women, aged between 15 to 34, are ‘marginal' workers and are not having a good economic situation to feed their family.
The census 2011 date, which was released recently, claimed that sections of these working women are well educated but their economic situation is terrible.

In this age group, there are 1.2 crore employed women out of which 16.75 lakh are categorized as ‘main' workers, meaning they play a vital role in their family's monthly income.
In the same age group, there are nearly 1.1 crore non-working people, including 83.42 lakh women, who don't contribute to their family expenses. Approximately, 55.68 lakh women in the non-working population category are engage in their household responsibilities.
The data further revealed that while 19.37 lakh women in the same age group are students and most of them are also laden with their domestic responsibilities.
The census 2011 data also stated that out of 19.64 lakh women in the general category, only 2.83 lakh are employed whereas in the scheduled tribe category, nearly 9.19 lakh earn sufficient in order to contribute to their family's economic situation. The total population of women in scheduled tribe category in the state is 44.15 lakh.
Meanwhile, the Congress party took the opportunity to mock the BJP's claims of development in the state. Senior party leader Shakeel Ahmad said, “After a report of high school girls are forced to swim 600 metres daily to reach school, a new report says 70 per cent young Gujrati women are jobless. Where is the development?”

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruled state is currently celebrating the ‘Women's Empowerment Fortnight'. The 15-day long event was kicked off on August 1.