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9 Months To Arrest Kalmadi, 3 Mins to Nab Anna

PTI 18 Aug 2011, 14:08:38 IST

New Delhi, Aug 18 : ‘The government tried to stop the pressure cooker's whistle.Now the pressure cooker has exploded. Deal with it', tweeted writer Chetan Bhagat,a days after Anna's arrest on Wednesday.

The feeling across social networking sites is that Anna's Jan Lokpal bill is the new independence movement.

Some called him Dabang Anna,while some chose to attack the Congress government with boulders of criticism.

On Join Anna Hazares protest against corruption at Bangalore page,there's a post: ‘It took nine months for the govt to arrest Kalmadi, four years to arrest Raja and Kanimozhi but three mins to arrest Anna.'

Prominent filmmaker Shekhar Kapur compared the campaign to the Quit India movement. ‘Gandhis call to quit India was simple, but handover of power n pain of partition was very complex just as freedom from corruption will be', he commented on Twitter.

Anupam Kher introspected: ‘I do not want to wrestle with my conscience, I want to live with it.. My reason for joining Anna and standing against Corruption.: ) ‘

There were people like Vishal R Padhiar who found the chaos amusing and said: ‘We are becoming a jalebi-republic. HarKadam-PeTwist.'

Pintu Kumar said: ‘Manmohan Singh... tum kisi bhi kam ke nahi ho.Ab ghar mein baitho...'

Mayank Sharma on the Join Anna Hazares Fast to Bring Lokpal Bill page,which has around 36,125 fans,said: Dear PM,If dis peaceful or non-violent strike is d wrong way to protest den pls tell us d right way.

Vinda Dravid tweeted: ‘There is a mass bunk in college today in support of Anna Hazare.Id rather do it for the pathetic teaching standards in the college.'