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Intolerance row: Aamir Khan says he will live and die in India

India TV News Desk 25 Jan 2016, 23:54:40 IST
India TV News Desk

Mumbai: Superstar Aamir Khan on Monday clarified his stand on his ‘intolerance' remark saying that he never meant that he wanted to leave the country. Last year, Aamir was caught amidst controversy when he had said that he is alarmed by the situation of the nation. Months after the controversy started, Aamir today said that India is tolerant.
"I never said India was intolerant or I wanted to leave the country. I also understand the emotions of those who were hurt. I would like to say that my statement was misunderstood and to some extent media is responsible for it. I was born here and I will die here," Aamir said at a press conference on the eve of of his 2006 superhit "Rang De Basanti" completing ten years.

"Our country is diverse with so many languages, culture...no other country has so much diversity as India," he said. Adding he said, "Whenever I go abroad I can't stay away from my country more than two weeks. I get homesick," he added.

Aamir's statement last November had triggered a huge controversy and started a nationwide debate. He had said at an award function that he was "alarmed" by a number of incidents in India and that his wife Kiran Rao even suggested that they should probably leave the country. In the same breath Aamir had also added that it was disastrous of Kiran to even think so.

“I should not have shared something Kiran shared with me privately on a public platform. And she made me realise that in no uncertain terms”, said Aamir at the event today.