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Advani calls for disenfrachisement of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants

India TV News Desk 08 Aug 2012, 15:26:33 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi, Aug 8: BJP leader L K Advani today demanded deportation, if not, disenfranchisement of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in order to tackle the foreigners' issue in Assam.

Moving an adjournment motion on Bodo violence, Advani said, a National Register of Citizens should be maintained, and the names of all non-citizens should be struck off the register.
Advani said, the violence in Bodoland areas was neither Hindu-Muslim nor ethnic, but was basically an issue between Indian nationals and foreigners.
"Bodos feel that they are aliens in their own homeland", said Advani, adding " people in Assam have begun to feel that with the influx of Bangladeshis they are going to lose their own lands."