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Agnivesh Disapproves Of Anna Continuing Fast, Questions Agenda

PTI 26 Aug 2011, 22:50:16 IST

New Delhi, Aug 26: Disapproving continuance of Anna Hazare's fast, the Gandhian's close associate Swami Agnivesh today hit out at those “instigating” the movement further wondering what their “agenda” was.

Asserting that one should not “dictate” to adopt a particular resolution to end Hazare's fast in view of entire Parliament conceding their major demand, he said, “I am myself bewildered. I don't know who worked, what is the agenda of such people who are instigating the further movement. 

“I don't approve of such things,” he said while claiming that he was “still part” of Team Anna and with this “big popular movement”.

Admitting that he had difference of opinion with “certain key members” of Team Anna, he said it did not mean that he had walked out of the movement or Team Anna.

“But I will continue to request Team Anna that the Gandhian should have give up his fast. It would have been best if he had given up his fast yesterday when Prime Minister made such an appeal.

“The entire Parliament stood up as one person and made that great appeal and conceded the major demand that Jan Lokpal will be introduced in the Parliament. Now today they have already introduced it and discussion has also been started.

“So why dictate now that you have to adopt this resolution then only the fast will be broken. This is something that was never discussed in any of our meetings,” he said.

Asked whether he suspects it is not Hazare but his advisers who are forcing him to continue his fast, Agnivesh said, “No, it cannot be just advisers, it is himself also.” He said he was just saying the direction of the movement was causing “some apprehension”.

“This apprehension is not just in my mind but in the wider circle of many other MPs, may other social leaders, like Dalits, Muslims, the Backward leaders, minorities, they are all feeling threatened by the direction the movement is taking,” he said. PTI