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Al Qaeda, IM teaming up to train terrorists: Intelligence officials

India TV News Desk November 06, 2014 14:24 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Indian intelligence officials  have revealed that they have gathered evidences pointing towards growing ties between terror outfits al Qaeda and Indian Mujahideen.

If intelligence reports are to be believed, they are giving training to terrorists aiming to turn India into Syria and Iraq where violence is continuously happening.

Sharad Kumar, head of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that the security agency is looking as to  how al Qaeda and ISIS tie up with local groups to spread their leg in India.

This has come days after the terror attack at Wagah border on the Pakistani side claiming 61 lives.

The intelligence agencies earlier this week alerted the Kolkata Police about possibility of a terror attack in the city, especially in the port area. Following this, the India Navy withdrew two warships from the eastern port of Kolkata.

India has been on higher alert since al Qaeda announced the formation of an Indian branch of the militant outfit to spread Islamic rule and raise the flag of jihad.