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Anil Sahasrabudhe set to become AICTE chairman

PTI 24 Jun 2015, 7:10:41 IST

New Delhi:  Well-known academician Anil Sahasrabudhe, director of College of Engineering in Pune, is set to become the next AICTE chairman with the Appointment Committee of the Cabinet clearing his name.

The post was lying vacant ever since the term of the then chairman S S Mantha had ended last year.According to officials in the HRD Ministry, his name was cleared by ACC recently.

Sahasrabudhe, a well-known figure in the field of technical education, was shortlisted for appointment as the new AICTE chairman but the ACC had raised certain issues in April this year.

Ministry officials said this led to the delay in his appointment.

Sahasrabudhe's appointment comes at a time when AICTE is passing through a credibility test of governing technical education in the country.

A four-member review committee under former education secretary M K Kaw, set up to look into the challenges faced by AICTE and its retructuring, had suggested that it should have more of a mentorship role in the sector than that of a regulator.

In its voluminous report presented to the HRD Ministry recently, the committee also felt that over-regulation of technical education alongside under governance at the same time was one of the ills plaguing the sector.