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Anna Supporters Outside Tihar Become Victims Of Pickpocketing

PTI 18 Aug 2011, 18:56:23 IST

New Delhi, Aug 18: They came to Tihar Jail to fight shoulder to shoulder with an elderly anti-corruption crusader but fell victims to pick-pockets!

A number of Anna Hazare supporters gathered outside Tihar Jail were in for a rude shock today as criminals picked their pockets leaving them with no money to return home or buy food. 

As Hazare supporters gathered outside the prison complex in west Delhi in hordes, pickpockets joined the gathering posing as anti-corruption protesters and made many people their victims.

A number of complaints poured in forcing the Hazare followers to announce through loud speakers advising the gathering to be careful about their belongings. 

“Please take care of your pockets as too many complaints of pickpocketing have come since morning,” said the announcer. PTI